Visualization And The Dirty Truth About It

Visualization And The REAL Truth

visualizationYou've probably heard it before about visualization: when you're depressed, or you need an extra boost of energy to start projects and follow through, it's important to VISUALIZE success.

Here's a small surprise: visualization is a tool that originated thousands of years ago, and now it's being used by sports stars and the world's most powerful business people and entrepreneurs.

But honestly, the results it's shown for other people don't matter if it doesn't help you. And there's a dirty truth about visualization that keeps an otherwise useful tactic from being effective.

Problems With Visualization

In order to visualize something properly, you've got to be able to see it – to conjure up a lifelike image in your head. That's tough. First of all, it takes a lot of brainpower to draw up an ideal, realistic image. And even if you do have the realistic image in your brain, it's a whole new challenge to develop the focus needed to keep the image in your head.

Usually, you start to focus on something and it fades. Or the negativity in your mind derails it. Or you get distracted by some minor figment in your imagination that takes your brainpower over.

Some Good News

This kind of focus ISN'T needed for proper visualization. The idea of holding an image in your head doesn't need to be perfect, and it doesn't need to hang around in your conscious mind.

YOUR subconscious needs to grab these ideas… so in order to visualize properly, we have to take a few steps between imagining something REALLY HARD and enjoying the finished results.

A Little Brain Experiment

Like I said earlier, visualization isn't just about grabbing a mental image. The first steps require being evocative. Here's what I mean. Think about an important or happy event in your history. Don't just remember it, be evocative. What does it smell like? What sounds do you remember?

Try and engage all of your senses.

Now try and apply this same level of evocative detail to your visualization. Picture yourself in an ideal situation in a week, a month, a year. How does it smell? How does it look?

Now here's a third step that most people don't apply – try to visualize a completely unrealistic event. See yourself on a rocket ship to space, surrounded by circus clowns juggling bowling pins.

Try and visualize those details – and when you finish, compare the two. Try and see the differences between your “realistic” vision and the “unrealistic” one. And the next time you sit down to visualize, compare and make sure that your visualization meets a realistic standard of detail.

One More Note On Visualization

When should you visualize? Early in the morning? During the day? Later at night? The time can make a difference, and the best time is: multiple times! The more often that you visualize, the more you can pump yourself up into a hyper-charged mental state… which you absolutely need to succeed.

So visualize in a potent and memorable way, compare it to your real memories and make the details as similar as possible, and visualize multiple times a day. This process will get your subconscious mind manifesting – which makes it more likely you follow through on bringing your goals to life!

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PS Ray Higdon really nails Visualization, here is a video of his that goes over it CLICK HERE

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