The Best MLM Script For ANY Network Marketer

The Best MLM Script For ANY Network MarketerScripts! Are They Good Or Bad?

Personally there are pros and cons so if you haven't the posture yet or confidence then this one line is The Best MLM Script For ANY Network Marketer to use…

Before we get in to the pros and cons let me share with you my personal experiences with scripts.

Firstly when I started out I wished I had a script! There is no denying the fact that with something penned out ready for you life IS easier!

However what most new comers like me didn't realise and WEREN'T told was that these particular scripts had been used by a lot of people already and that were not that great or effective! More importantly though that we should change some of the words to make them fit “our language”.

No I don't mean like I speak English so say it in Spanish! LOL

I mean change the terminology so that it sounds like something we would say! So as you can imagine the responses weren't great and disheartening!

Pro's And Con's

Starting with the con's. Scripts are….

  1. Predictable = Once you heard one, you heard them all!
  2. Not in your terminology = More often that not you have to change most of it to make it sound like you!
  3. Make you sound fake/false = You end up reading it every time and you sound like a robot!
  4. Nervous creating templates = They can make you more nervous in case you make a mistake with the script.
  5. Posture losing process! = They can seriously damage your posture and confidence becasue if you don'y get results from “proven Scripts” you then start to feel like a failure!

Now to the Pro's. Scripts are…

  1. What you make them = You see they can give you a starting point to build FROM…
  2. Something that can help you develop your skills and confidence
  3. A positive thing providing you make them your own!

Now you may be thinking there are more Cons than Pro's but I will say this the reason why is simply because the biggest pro to a script is the person reading it and how they USE it!

There is no right or wrong with them and to be honest most people use a script everyday they just don't notice it!

The Best MLM Script For ANY Network Marketer

Once you start building daily and prospecting daily you will find a duplicating process that will involve greatly your preferred way of opening a conversation with someone and in the video I give you the best line that I use and that other's use to great effect….

If you found anything beneficial and useful for yourself in this post then others will too, so be sure to like, share and comment below. It's great to share and I am thrilled you found today's post ‘The Best MLM Script For ANY Network Marketer‘ a benefit to you.

Make Today Count For YOUR Best Tomorrow!

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