Stavros and Katerina Zinonos

Network Marketing Success Stories ~ 2

Stavros & Katerina ZinonosStavros And Katerina Zinonos, Limassol – Cyprus

Stavros and Katerina are from Limassol, Cyprus. Stavros is 27 years old and Katerina 25. Stavros used to be the owner of a car dealership company and Katerina an employee at a Shipping Company.

Katerina was the one that initially saw the idea from one of her colleagues and immediately wanted to join as a member. Both of them loved travelling around the world. She went home and told Stavros what she saw, but he wasn't impressed. He didn’t want to listen to Katerina.

Fortunately Katerina wasn’t affected by his reaction and she decided to start alone. One week later, she her first bonus, and earned $570. When Stavros realized that he had nothing to lose but only to win, he decided to follow Katerina.

Together they managed in 21 months to reach the highest rank in their company and break the European record at the same time.

Now they have a paid villa from the company and two cars.

In addition, they also gained time freedom, they can travel wherever they want whenever they want. Needless to say that they also gained their financial freedom too!

Stavros' Motto is “if you want something more, you have to become something more. Keep going until!

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