Rio 2016 Can It Be YOUR Lesson?

What You Can Learn From The Olympics

rio 2016Firstly what a great Games it was in Rio!

Brazil can certainly be proud that they put on, (despite the troubles and hardship the majority of the country faces) an incredible 16 Days of events in some of the most beautiful surroundings!

Being British I have followed our Team's journey this year and share with you what I learned….


Team GB Rio 2016

team gb rioTeam GB took 366 athletes and each and every one of them had a story of years of hard work, endurance, pain, anguish, suffering, heart ache and that's just in the training sessions and national events to qualify for Rio 2016 at home leading up to the biggest moments of their lives!

Yet they do this knowing that the percentage change of them achieving medal glory is so very slim, YET they go through it all for that one chance of glory and to forever have an impact in their profession!

For future generations to look up to, duplicate and model their success!

Each of the 366 athletes have had their naysayer's, doubters and negative people trying to pull them back down to mediocrity and a life of averageness.

team gbAt the same time they have those that back them 100%. That see the athletes potential. That feel the emotion and passion from within the athlete that inspires them to follow, support and do all they can to help them to achieve their very best!

So I ask you what do you REALLY want out of life? This isn't about getting you into a partnership with me or to get you to buy from me! This is for you to look inwardly at yourself and decide if you truly want a life of averageness and mediocrity or whether you have a little fire within that has a flame wanting to grow and expand. Whether you have the courage and the guts to open that door to let that flame breathe a little more and grow and show you the way to a better way of life for you!

Do you have the courage, the willingness and desire to change you?

In the video I cover the 5 (actually 6) rings that you must have to achieve any goal in any passion, business, desire, niche etc! Below the video I list the 5 Rings that a successful Athlete must have in order to go for Gold!

Olympic Rings5 Ring Formula For An Athlete

1st Ring = A Decision To Go For Gold.
2nd Ring = Know The Sacrifice's To Achieve The Goal.
3rd Ring = Get A Great Coach.
4th Ring = Create A Great Support Circle/Network.

What are you doing to obtain your Gold/Goal? Are you going to follow the 5 ring formula or are you going to continue following the routine and structure that has got you exactly to where you are in life right now?

5 Ring Formula For YOUR Life

1st Ring = A Decision To make Life Something More Than It Is.
2nd Ring = The Sacrifice's Required To Achieve.
3rd Ring = Get A Mentor/Coach.
4th Ring = Only Have Those That Support YOU, Around You.

If you found anything beneficial and useful for yourself in this post then others will too, so be sure to like, share and comment below.

It's great to share and I am thrilled you found today's post ‘Rio 2016 Can It Be YOUR Lesson?' a benefit to you.

Make Today Count and Have FUN!

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