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Network Marketing Success Stories ~ 3

Jeff BolfJeff Bolf, is one of only 2 people that has earned the top rank in his company 3 times! He grew up in a small town. He graduated from a school with only 9 people. He came from a very average normal family.

He got into insurance after graduating from a college in Asheville, North Carolina. When he started he had the mindset of “I'm going to show everyone.”

The idea was to show it 100 times a week. He knew it was going to be a good week if he got 12 “No's” at the beginning of the week. By getting a bunch of “no's” he knew that it was only a matter of time before he got the “yes's.”

When he took a look at the company that he is with, he was broke financially and emotionally, with the family home going through foreclosure. For some people, pressure can break them, and for others it helps break records.

Jeff had two challenges:

1) His insurance business partner.

2) His wife.

With his business partner, he simply gave him the keys to the business. With his wife however, who had heard these dreams and aspirations before, he simply sat down with her and had a heart to heart conversation. She gave him 6 months to make some true and real steps forward with it.

For those whose personal partners are not fully on board, sit down and talk with them about what you want to do and achieve with your goals. Let them see a little at least for what you are wanting to create.

After a period of time, Jeff wasn't making the kind of money he was expecting. Just as he was prepared to hand in his resignation letter, he went home, to a sick father and he spoke with his wife. His wife asked him if he was crazy for wanting to give up now after all those nights sharing the business and hours of building what he had already built? At this moment he realized that he was going to stay in the business and see through to the end.

A few months later, he ended up reaching the top rank of his company.Jeff Bolf

Jeff tells a story about how his wife wanted to buy a new house and that when he wrote that check and it cleared without hesitation he knew he had finally reached a point where he could go further without fear or worry of anything.

You have to get your thinking straight and focused on what you want. Make a commitment to being with your company in a year's time. When you get your thinking right, nobody can tell you that your company doesn't work. A great question to ask yourself is are you hanging around people who are talking about dreams and goals or people who talk about other people?

Your worth is the average of the top 5 people you hang around the most.

Remember, this business is YOUR business. Don't let anyone take that away from you.

Jeff talks about how his 15 year old daughter has changed the way she thinks. Right now, she is building schools for people who are much less fortunate than they are.

Are you willing to throw your heart over the bar just one time to achieve the levels of success in your life that you want?
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  1. I love that you have success stories on your site, Matt. I love Jeff’s story. I was against a wall also and had to go for it. You hear of many success stories with a common theme, they had nothing to lose, their backs were against the wall and they went for it! Bravo

    • Matt says:

      Hi Erik, Firstly thank you for taking the time looking around my site here! I appreciate it! Secondly absolutely it is is important to share others success stories so more people can see and potentially relate to a story that may just inspire them enough to take more control of their own and move into a positive action with it!

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