Got To Love The Haters!

What Is A Hater?

Friend and mentor Dhaterserron Walker prefers to call them “confused admirers” and I would have to agree!

Especially as they opt in to your lists, follow you on Social Media etc then decide they don't want your help right now.

So the only way they can justify that in their heads is to complain or bitch to others about you and your progress in life compared to their lack of progress.

The strange thing in this world is how the average human thinks!

You see a loser thinks but only one way. A successful person can but think one way too! The difference is they are on the opposite sides of the spectrum.

Yet the average human (confused admirer) is smack bang in the middle and they don't know whether they want to hate you for having success and going for your dreams or applaud you and follow for those very same reasons!

Question is which are you?

A. Are you the loser that's given up
B. The successful person that is going after it
C. The confused admirer that doesn't know what to do?

The key to remember is that is ok to be ANY of these! Honestly it is ok don't beat yourself up over it because YOU can change it RIGHT NOW! Right this moment decide to be the one that appeals most to you and go after it!

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