I’ve been dreaming of this all my life…

What a great post! “Some people think I have been preparing for next week’s Major since August 2014. The truth is, I’ve been dreaming of this all my life. I hope everyone out there is following their dreams!” ~ Rory Mcllroy ‪#‎BetterNeverQuits‬

I was sitting sipping a hot chocolate at home having had a reflective walk, when I decided to check my Social Media and respond to leads and message my team a few useful tips for their businesses when I came across this video post from Rory Mcllroy… (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL POST AND VIDEO)

RoryAre you dreaming of what you want most, everyday? Every minute of everyday?

Do you think you will achieve it by just thinking it?

Do you think Rory McIlroy​ just dreamed that he would get to this stage in his career?

No matter your desire/dream you have to go out there and get it!
You have take chances and risks to get it!
You have step outside of your zone that you currently live within and take that step, that all important first step to where you truly want to go!

Feel that your dreams are beyond you and that you can't get to them!?

Then let me share this little secret with you, every single human including ME, that has achieved and is still striving for their ultimate achievement has at one point or many points in their life, stopped and looked and thought “Am I ever going to get there?” The difference is we keep going we didn't give up!

Are you going to give up?

Are you going to be comfortable saying to your family “I am sorry I just couldn't take another step to completely change the course of our future!”

You see, so many see the future they want and see it as too bigger gap from where they are NOW to where they want to be!

BUT what if I told you it takes one step to change the entire direction, one movement to switch to the track/path you want to travel on and that it takes one more step to start and move down the path you want to go down!

2 steps that's it, nothing less but crucially nothing more to get started on YOUR path to your Desires and Dreams!


Make Today Count for YOU! Take the 2 steps it needs to completely transform the world around YOU!

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