Cut This Manifestation Bull Shit!

Manifestation Is It B.S?

manifestLet's get brutally honest here…..


If you are a believer then you know that you have the power within to bring into your life anything you want! However if you aren't a believer you are proving it works by manifesting exactly that in to your life!

You see the Law Of Attraction doesn't give a shit whether you believe in it or not it will prove it to you either way! How do I know and how can I say such bold outlandish things? Because I have witnessed FIRST hand the power of not believing and believing!!

You see I have gone through what I personally describe as trauma's in my life (something I didn't ever want to happen!) and I whole heartedly brought it about via my past actions and thoughts! I know you are reading this right now saying what a load of Bull Shit Matt, what has happened to you wasn't your fault!

Your first wife all those years ago committing adultery had nothing to do with you!

The financial mess you were in wasn't your fault Matt, it was thanks to those you were with persuading you to buy this that and the next thing to keep up with the Jones'!

Look I am as honest as the next person ok and I tell you I had direct influences on all the trouble in my life!

When I was a teenager going through finding out that my parents had been divorced for 9-10 years but stayed in the same house to protect me while I went through my schooling, had a profound negative impact on me, because it didn't work! I found out in the final year before I was due to take my exams the truth of what had happened and it crushed me inside!

From that moment I thought negative stuff and programmed myself to always expect the worst! Guess what, even through I had happy moments in life from then to when I realised I was manifesting it all I always looked for the worst and guess what I always found the worst!

You see what you think and look for you will always find!

Take Google for example or in fact ANY search engine on the internet, you type in what you are looking for and it finds it for you, simple right! Well we are wired the same way! That's why search engine's work the same way too (A human programmed it to do that!).

Start looking for the positive, the happy, the good in people!

Shit look for the good in yourself and you will find it! You will see that it is right there in you all along! Guess what happens when you start doing that too! You only start seeing, feeling and believing in yourself and other's more!

2016 has been a tough year (I am not going to deny it) it started the worst it could and no matter how hard I tried it didn't change much, but I know that because I kept looking within for the positive I saved myself from it being worse and have led myself down my path of greatness faster because of it! (I refused to think of anything else, therefore I brought the greatness to me faster!)

You may read all this and say sure Matt we all handle life's challenges in our own way and it has nothing to do with manifesting what happens as its other people that caused the challenge! That's your choice to believe that, BUT you are creating those people to enter your life and cause those very challenges you think of!

Stop believing others are responsible even if someone else created it!

You are the creator of all that is around you! You are your own ‘God' in your life! Decide to rule your life how you want to rule it and stop letting others influence and sway you away from your path!

Here's a video I have done on the whole Manifesting Bull Shit etc!

To Summarise For You

Whether you believe in Manifesting or not question yourself as to that believe and you will find YOUR answer!

If you do believe then know that you have the power within to change your path. I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying it is POSSIBLE!

If you don't believe then that's cool too, like I say you will always find what you are looking for!

Earlier in the week I posted a motivational video about Manifesting too and you can CLICK HERE to get to that post directly too.
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