Create YOUR 5 Blogs To SUCCESS

5 points lgThe 5 Blog Posts That Will Generate Success

A BOLD claim right! ‘Create YOUR 5 Blogs To Success' Surely you need more than 5?

You are absolutely right you will in time need more! However carry on reading and watch the video to find out how ONLY 5 posts are REALLY needed to create your success in your Home Business.


Now To Create YOUR 5 Blogs To SUCCESS

Let me explain a little more so you can understand. There are 5 KEY Blog posts that all Home Business owners MUST have in order to SAVE time and MAXIMIZE results. Whether you are generating leads on line or not these 5 posts are a must have for the reasons of their titles.

1. Your Personal Product Testimony

If you don’t yet have a personal experience about your product that you can share…. GET ONE FAST!

This is one of the best ways to share what you have.

The cool thing is that if you share it once on your blog, you can use that post forever to share your story.
This is an example of one my favorite statements:

‘Working Smarter NOT Harder’

Do the work once and leverage it to have it work for you for evermore.

So when I’m on social media talking to a potential prospect and they start asking me about my personal experience…. I used to have to type it out in a message every time.


I send them to this blog post that I did and have my blog work for me. While they’re on the blog learning about my personal experience, chances are high that they’ll also look at my about page and learn about me and my story without me having to talk about myself.

Leverage at it’s BEST!

2. 3rd Party Income Testimonial

If you’re in a Home Business and you are building a team, this is really important.

You want to share a story from someone on your team (upline, sideline, where ever) that has a success story.

This proves social proof and credibility.

You can ask to do an interview with them or even just write their story on your blog (with their approval).

If someone reads that story on your blog and you’re the one sharing it, they’re going to reach out to you and ask you how they achieved that level of success.

This is a great way for you to grow your business, but also a great way for you to share your team’s achievements.

3. Us v's Them

Chances are you have some ‘so-called’ competition in your niche that your prospect might ask you about.

Have you ever had that where you’ve had someone say that they can get your product somewhere else but cheaper or something like your product? Only you know that it’s NOT the same.

Now what do you do?

Do you dispute it with them trying to shove a whole bunch of facts in their face to try to win them over to your way of thinking?


Do you feature a Post on your blog that acknowledges your so-called competition and explains in detail why yours is in fact better!!!

By doing this, you’ve now positioned yourself as even more of an expert and authority.

Forget trying to convince them. If anyone questions my product I direct them to a post that clearly explains and acknowledges my competition…. even things they might not have known. By the end… my prospect is WOW’d and has a clear understanding of what makes us better and different.

Chances of them wanting to join you after they see this post > HIGH!

4. Before and After

This can go 2 ways. The way I used it to grow my business in the beginning, was I did a post on what my future looked liked before Network Marketing and what it looks like now that I have Network Marketing in my life.

The other way that it could go is product based.

So let’s say you have a weight loss or skin care product… You could showcase your before and after using the product.

This type of blog post shares your journey and people want to relate to the people that they join.

It basically shows them that if you can do it…. so can they!

This also allows you to show the world how serious you are about your business and what your vision is for your team. When people feel the passion, determination and heart in what you’re doing…. they will be attracted to join that bigger vision and you on that journey.

5. Training

On my blog you’ll see a lot of free training on how to grow your home business.

The reason I post these training's is to help the profession but my main reason is to provide training for my team.

When I have team members ask me the same question twice… I’ll do a video and a blog post so the next time I am asked instead of taking time to answer i can send my team member to the post so they can get the answer and more importantly they can watch it over and over again so they can get it clear in their own mind rather than listen to me on a phone and try to make notes then 30 minutes later be unsure of what was said and then have to ring back and get the information again!.

Why would I want to repeat myself 1000’s of times with my team, when I could do the training once in a video, pop it up on my blog and share that blog post as training for my team whenever they question or need help with that topic!!

Again… doing the work once… and have it work for ME 24/7.

People can now rewind the video, pause or listen to it 1000 times over!

Now they can re-watch your training as many times as they want or need!

I love this part of having a blog work for me. It frees you up to help in other areas and focus more on YOUR business growth and lead your team by example and be in the trenches recruiting and building like they are!

Watch the video below to get a better understanding on how to Create YOUR 5 Blogs To SUCCESS…


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Make Today Count For YOUR Best Tomorrow!

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