How You Can Make Today Count

This was going to be a short blog post that has turned into somewhat of a rally call for YOU to wake YOURSELF and your soul up!

Enjoy the post not for my benefit BUT for your benefit!

This image helps highlight the reason why I say Make Today Count…

You can't go back and re do the day.

You can't curl back up under your covers when something happens and then get back out from under them and hope that something didn't happen!

There are 86,400 seconds in every day and we can't claim one of them back once it has past!

Look at it another if you were given £/$86,400 today but you had to spend every penny of it because at the end of the day you had to give back what was left, you would make sure to spend it all buying everything you really wanted!

Wouldn't you? (I would!)

So why won't you spend every available second today to who you actually want to become in life? (The seconds are going to tick away as it is anyway so why not make he most of them to benefit you?)

Don't Let A Moment Waste Your Day

We all have bad days and WE ALL waste days and moments of time but it's how many of these end up being day after day after day?

Life if you truly want to be more than you are right now can give you every little detail of your dreams and aspirations you once had for your life!

You have to tell yourself to believe in those dreams again and start the process of actually dreaming again with new current dreams of what and who you want to be!

Over the last 12 months I have personally lost some of my ambition and drive for my personal goals/dreams (I won't go into the details here but I have seen, felt and witnessed first hand heartbreak, death, varying depths of depression, anger, frustrations, fear and whole lot more!). I am not afraid to admit that, in fact, if only more people were open and honest, more people would be further along their paths and journeys by now!

It's not the fact of having to admit to another it's about admitting it to our own inner self's!

Being Honest With Yourself

When you can honestly say to yourself “I messed up” somewhere along the way and am not where I wanted/dreamed to be. You will be able to confidently reassess where you are right now and who you truly want to be in 6 months time! (Yes only 6 months! Not 5 years from now or this time next year!)

Forget about what you want to be or have in 6 months and look at who you have to be in order to have the things you want or be!

Making That Mindset Shift Today

Your mindset, thought process and outlook on your OWN life has to change TODAY in order for you to achieve what you want to be and have!

Without that shift in your brain and the support and motivation to do so you will wake tomorrow in the same place emotionally as you did today!

The question is how did you feel today when you woke?

Were you genuinely happy to wake up and get on with your day in the way you wanted to or did you wake up and have to go about doing things today that are limiting you from what you actually want to be doing?

Only YOU alone can answer those questions and ONLY you can make the decision to change those very answers….

And don't get me wrong I am not saying you have to make the changes alone ONLY the decision has to be you and yours alone!

The rest of actually making the change and putting routines/plans/goals/dreams etc into action are far more fun and likely to happen when you share them with others that are there to help you genuinely implement them with you in your life!

Comment below with how this post has spoken to you and whether it has helped you to look at yourself and where you are today compared to where you want to be!

If you're brave enough comment also with what you are going to do today to change where you are right now!

Make Today Count

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