Are YOU Grateful For This?

A gratitude statement for today I feel…..


It is so powerful and sets you up for an instant shift and raises your vibration effortlessly.

You ready for it?

“Today I am grateful for PROOF!”

What do I mean by this? Let me explain…

Today, as you go through your day, look for proof of your desires. And here's the trick, look for this proof EVERYWHERE…

Proof in your life
Proof in other people's lives
Proof that is big
Proof that is small
And Proof that is Positive Proof at all…

I sounded like Dr. Seuss there for a second 🙂

And when you see the proof – when you discover it at every turn…

Be grateful for it!

Your vibration will instantly raise…You will be a vibrational match for your desires!
You will inject yourself in the NOW and instantly connect to your Point of Infinite Creation…

And THAT is when EVERYTHING is possible…
That is when the magic happens.

So again, a gratitude statement for today is…

“Today I am grateful for PROOF!”

You are Extraordinary!

Have an Inspired and Fabulous Day!
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