Do YOU Have A Growth Mindset?

Everyone is talking about a growth mindset these days, thanks to Carol Dweck’s excellent book Mindset. But of course, having a growth mindset has been the main message of all personal development for over a 1000 years. Here’s Brendon’s suggestions: 1. Believe in your ability to figure things out. 2. … Continue Reading

Focus On What YOU Want

Makes sense right! Focus On What You Want!

You see so many people come into network marketing and in-fact in life in general and focus on what works! Like our whole school and job programming in our minds! We see it works for the majority so it must work for us right?! Continue Reading

Are You OK With Being Selfish?

Everyone is selfish!

I told you we were going to start getting to the point and start covering some topics that frankly need to be opened up more! We don’t do anything if it’s not self-serving in some way or another end of story. Continue Reading

Effort in Personal Growth Part 2

Your Effort in Personal Growth or Development Part 2

So following on from yesterday where we talked about personal growth or development and your commitment….. Continue Reading

Is Your Prosperity Struggling?

Prosperity Struggling. Okay, if you are struggling with prosperity then I have an important question for you about struggling with prosperity. Continue Reading