7 Ways to KILL Your Limiting Beliefs

show-up-every-day-40080% of Home Business is mindset and 20% is action taking! we all have limiting beliefs in our own abilities and it is something you must work on every day to reprogram your thought processes.

With mindset being such a massive part of our success I wanted to put together a useful tip sheet as it were that you can refer to and action in your own businesses.

1 – Find Your Limiting Belief  (What is holding you back!)

What is it? Once you know you can then use that to drive you to keep going when you’re going through challenging times and those times you want want to quit.

I know that my pain stopped me in my tracks at one stage and it wasn’t until I got with a coach that they showed me how to turn it on its head and use it as a motivating force rather than a disabling one. Now it drives me all the time.

When I get, stuck I look at that pain and it compels me to move forward no matter what!

Also, along with that pain, that challenge I look to my Visualisation of where I will be 5 years from now and reaffirm all the reasons for doing what I do.

Find your pain/challenge and use it to push you forward.

2 – Actionaction

Taking action beats all negative and limiting belief’s. So, do something even if it’s a small task as this will help you stayed on track and focused.

Instead of focusing on sales and the results, focus on your activity only.

You will impress yourself when you take a little action without thinking of the result.

3 – Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparing yourself to others is never a good thing because everyone is on a different journey and at different points of that journey. Therefore, where you are will not be a fair comparison every time!

Imagine you are on pole position in a Grand Prix and the lights go green and you reach the first corner first, are you then going to focus on f1-3the car behind or the road in front?

Most top drivers will tell you they will focus on what’s in front of them only because if they focus on behind they naturally slow down and can lose places because of it!

So always be looking forward and never behind because others around you may have different tyres and a completely different pit stop strategy to you to get by you!

4 – Create New Belief

Simple as it sounds it isn’t as simple to action. This is one that will require focus as like habits old ones are harder to break. So, set yourself specific belief’s that you want to get rid of to allow the new ones to be implemented.

One way that helps is to surround yourself with positive people and invest in your own personal growth.

5 – Affirmationsaffirmation

An affirmation is far more powerful than a negative one so keep telling yourself positive things like “I attract success, I am a money magnet, money comes easily and frequently to me”.

It is necessary to reprogram your mindset. Visualise success like you being on stage at an event being recognised for rank advancing etc. or who and where you will be in 5 year’s time with the new beliefs that you have etc.

6 – Love & Accept Yourself

You need to learn to love yourself and you must get real about it. Look in the mirror at yourself and I say I love you…you are amazing…you
are magnificent keep saying it to yourself.

We all too often beat ourselves up because we aren’t where we want to be, but the fact is you are here right now, taking action to get to where you want to be so celebrate that because you are 2-3 steps ahead of most of the rest of the population!

7 – Show Up

Show up to your business get plugged in to your business to team members, webinars, team meetings, get to live events.

If you’re not showing up in your business, YOUR business won’t show up for you!

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