7 Steps To ALWAYS Achieving Your Goals

Why Should You Have Goals?

For goals to be effective they must affect change and create a new version of where you are right now!

A goal is something that has got to carry so much weight to it that it pulls you to make the change in you in order to be able to achieve that goal!

You see a goal, vision and why all have the ultimate end result – A NEW YOU!

In order to get a new “you”, you must become a better you, a more focused you, a motivated you!

In order to be any of those, you have to have a mindset that will allow YOU to create that within you!

People ‘think' they have the mindset and motivation but as I have learned from personal experiences what you think you have and what you actually have can be 2 different things working against each other and keeping you exactly where you are. By following the 7 steps below this will help you focus, develop and create the unshakeable mindset and motivation you require in order to achieve your goals.

Step 1

Choose your Main BIG Goal that you want to achieve and make it so crystal clear that you can write it down on paper.

This is so you can refer back to it and get the same emotional feeling when you dreamed it or created that goal. Really describe the goal how you feel about it and what it truly means to you when you achieve it.

Step 2

Accept and write down who and where you are right now.

Again be clear and brutally honest with yourself. As they say if you can't be honest with yourself then who can you be honest with! The reason this is so important is that in order to change anything in our lifes we have to accept and be comfortable with who we are right now. So write down the raw emotions you have about yourself whether they are positive of negative get it down on paper! (It's not like you are going to publish them with the world or the ones you love so don't embarrassed by being truthful!

I will say this step for myself really created a massive lump in my throat because I had to face up to a lot of my past that had been buried so deep within that was actually affecting how was being in the present time, so you aren't alone with your demons I too and like many other very successful people had their own demons too. REMEMBER they and I have over come ours so you can overcome yours too!

Step 3

Identify in you what you have to change in order to achieve the goal (Who do you have to become, What do you have to learn?). Like Jim Rohn says “For things to change, YOU have to change!”

Step 4

Divide the Main BIG Goal into smaller manageable tasks whether that's into daily tasks or weekly it will depend on the goal itself and how clear you have made it for yourself, so that it can be better tracked and managed in order to achieve far more easily.

Step 5

Take the necessary action to achieve the smaller tasks in order. Be consistent and persistent with your actions. Your goal won't just happen! YOU have to put the effort and the action into it in order to complete the smaller tasks!

Step 6

Once you achieved the first task, you can move on to the next task and take action quickly to keep your momentum going and your motivation. REMEMBER however to CELEBRATE the mini win on completely the smaller task and every task after that because they are in themselves great achievements that you have accomplished! Granted the overall goal isn't complete but you are on your way and that deserves celebrating!

Step 7

Once step 6 is achieved simply go back repeat step 5 and follow through until you have achieved the tasks that make the ultimate goal you started with!

Never over complicate them and make them as clear and defined as you can…..

Below is a great motivational video about why it is so key to success to have clear, concise and detailed goals….

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